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What is MyVisualiser?

MyVisualiser is a tool that enables one to showcase their walling and flooring solution in three dimensions.

This tool is applicable to the construction industry and can be used by companies specializing in various materials such as stone tiles, porcelain tiles, cobble stones, walling panels, wallpapers, wooden flooring, etc. It serves as a valuable resource for showcasing products to interior designers, architects, and end-users, simplifying the selection process. It streamlines decision-making by providing an easy way to choose materials based on size, colours, and pattern preferences.

Wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers adopt ways of working that are proven to increase efficiency and improve their digital conversions.

Our customer driven- MyVisualiser, lets our partners turn their concepts into reality & creating their own online showroom, by simply uploading the images of the products and helping their client understand the end use of the product, by giving an experience that provides the look and feel of the product in different spaces.

Key Features of MyVisualiser:


Create immersive virtual showrooms highlighting product functionality.


Set up showrooms swiftly with an user-friendly backend.


Display products in various sizes, angles, patterns, and colours.


Showcase products in diverse spaces. (Outdoor/Indoor views)


Create your own theme and customise as per your brand.


Access step-by-step tutorials (video & PDF) online and offline.


Flexibility of choosing packages


Swiftly self - upload products for a showroom-ready experience.


Five Exclusive views tailored for our esteemed Gold and Platinum members.


Permissible SKUs- 20
Permissible Views- 8
View Pool – 10
Add ons


Permissible SKUs- 50
Permissible Views- 15
View Pool – 20
Add ons


Permissible SKUs- 100
Permissible Views- 20
View Pool – 25
Add ons

How does it work?

Let us help you Visualise with MyVisualiser.

Step 1

Sign up & become a member

Step 2

Customise your virtual showroom

Step 3

Upload your products and impress your customers